Do your hair need nourishment? Are they dull and damaged from hair treatments? Or maybe they lack volume or, on the contrary, are excessively frizzy? Remember that proper care is the key to beautiful and healthy hair.

However, home care alone is not always enough. If you want well-groomed and nourished hair, combine it with professional treatments in a salon. Hair regeneration is essential, especially after hair treatments such as lightening or after prolonged exposure to sunlight and saltwater.

You can combine hair care with other services such as coloring, lightening, or haircutting, or you can schedule a standalone hair care treatment.

At our salon, you will find a wide selection of treatments, which guarantees that you will receive a care regimen perfectly tailored to your hair.

Sealing the cuticle

An innovative treatment that involves "rebuilding" gaps in the hair, which not only strengthens the hair from the inside, but also works on its surface. Sealing the cuticle prevents hair breakage and crumbling, regenerates, smooths and adds vitality to the hair. The ingredients contained in the product work deeply moisturizing, accelerating the renewal of sensitized hair. The effect lasts for about 2 months, and to prolong it, the treatment should be repeated.

Collagen reconstruction

It is a treatment that works to rebuild and restore a youthful look to hair from the inner to outer parts. It utilizes the power of X-Tech, a combination of 10 keratins and amino acids that easily penetrate the hair to rebuild its cellular structure, while smoothing and closing the cuticle. Lost amino acids are replenished, which is essential for maintaining strong, healthy hair that looks younger, fuller, and healthier. This system is ideal for both colored, virgin, or stressed hair that requires additional care, strengthening, and deep nourishment. It penetrates the hair to rebuild its cellular structure. Hair looks younger, fuller, and healthier.

Oribe Renewal Remedy

The Renewal Remedy treatment was created with Bio-Synergue, a rebuilding complex of sugar and protein that strengthens the internal structure of the hair and regenerates the external layer by creating an additional protective layer that smooths the hair cuticles and retains moisture. Designed to meet every hair need while improving their texture and providing moisture, softness, and strength.

• Strengthens the internal structure of the hair and rebuilds the external lipid layer.

• Provides intense hydration.

• Smooths and strengthens hair.

Cashmere Reconstruction

A nourishing treatment containing amino acids that integrate into the hair fiber, restoring its optimal moisture level. Cashmere is responsible for smoothing the hair and regenerating damaged strands. Additionally, it prevents hair from becoming electrified and adds volume, making hair not only beautiful but also healthy. The effect lasts up to 3 months, depending on the condition and structure of the hair.

Nashi Argan

It is a complete process of renewal for damaged and weakened hair. Thanks to the valuable regenerating, moisturizing, and strengthening ingredients such as collagen, elastin, and keratin, it leaves hair deeply nourished and moisturized:

Nashi Argan (ampoules) - Ampoules that provide an immediate moisturizing effect. Ideal for dry hair, this treatment leaves hair nourished, shiny, and elastic. It contains collagen, elastin, and keratin.

Nashi Argan (3-phase) - It fills the hair fibers, moisturizes and leaves hair soft and shiny.

Davines with phytokeratin

A treatment that helps maintain the proper level of hydration for the scalp and hair. Additionally, it adds shine and a healthy appearance to each strand of hair. Particularly recommended for thin and dry hair, this treatment nourishes, revitalizes, and strengthens dry and damaged hair. It seals the hair cuticles, leaving them soft and nourished.


Deep hydration for hair and scalp. Fixation of technical treatments such as coloring. Adds elasticity and shine to hair. Therapeutic mode - eliminates dandruff, treats inflammatory scalp conditions. Strengthens hair growth by stimulating hair follicles.

Personalized regeneration

Regeneration ingredients individually selected by the hairdresser based on the assessment of the hair condition.

BlondMe / Urban Alchemy Vitamin C Shot

This treatment removes minerals from hard water and other residues, as well as excess ions that cause blue-green tones in the hair. Hair will be illuminated and have a healthy appearance. Suitable for all shades of blond.

Split ender

The treatment involves trimming damaged, protruding, and split ends. After the treatment, hair is shiny and smooth - without losing volume or cutting the ends. The treatment can be repeated every 1-1.5 months.

Authentic Beauty Concept (ABC) Hair Care

Three masks designed to moisturize, nourish, and add shine. Individually selected and combined with highly nutritious essences to strengthen the chosen mask.

Scalp peeling

Cleansing of the scalp. During the peeling treatment, all impurities on the scalp, such as excess dead skin cells, sebum, and residue from hair care and styling products, are removed, unclogging hair follicles.

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Koloryzacja jednolita

Koloryzacja jednolita przeznaczona jest dla osób, które chcą mieć na całych włosach kolor w jednym odcieniu, zazwyczaj zbliżonym do naturalnego. Pozwala ukryć tzw. odrost oraz siwe włosy, a także pogłębić odcień na długościach.

Trzeba jednak pamiętać, że w przypadku znacznych zmian koloru włosów może być konieczny zabieg wcześniejszej dekoloryzacji lub repigmentacji (gdy zmieniamy kolor na ciemniejszy).

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