Do you dream of having beautiful and healthy hair? But do you neglect the care of your scalp? It's important to remember that the condition of our hair is also influenced by the condition of our scalp.

By neglecting it, you can cause pollution and the growth of bacteria, which in the long run can lead to deterioration of the condition of your hair and even hair loss.

That's why it's so important to take care of it with professional trichological treatments.

Trichology is a field that deals with the topic of hair, scalp, and various conditions related to its functioning.

If you notice problems such as excessive hair loss, greasiness, itching or burning of the scalp, seborrhea, dandruff, or psoriasis, please contact us for a consultation.



An overall assessment of the scalp’s condition and determination of any skin problems.

Trichoscopy, a micro-camera examination, allows for a precise image of the scalp and hair. It enables the evaluation of the scalp’s condition and its impact on hair loss, the determination of the extent of baldness, and the density of hair follicles’ distribution.

How to prepare for the examination:

  • Do not wash your hair for 24 hours before the examination.

  • Do not apply any styling products (dry shampoo, hairspray).

The consultation concludes with establishing an individual action plan that will restore the scalp’s proper condition, inhibit hair loss, or stimulate new hair growth.


Scalp peeling

Cleansing the scalp and preparing it for further treatments. A properly selected product for the scalp’s condition.



A properly selected shampoo for the scalp’s condition and a hair conditioner.


  • Darsonvalization – it acts antibacterially, disinfects, stimulates hair growth, improves microcirculation, and has a disinfecting effect on the skin, cleansing it and killing bacteria. It normalizes the sebaceous gland’s function. It involves heating the tissues located in deeper parts of the skin using current. It is a high-voltage current but low intensity. Additionally, during the treatment, ozone is generated, which cleanses the scalp, disinfects it, and acts antibacterially.

  • Micro-needle mesotherapy – it involves intradermal punctures (using a roller equipped with several hundred tiny needles) stimulating hair follicles. It strongly stimulates and regenerates hair follicles, inhibits hair loss, and stimulates new hair growth. It improves the overall condition of the scalp.

  • Oxygen infusion – it is a treatment that involves introducing an individually selected preparation into the scalp using compressed oxygen. It is recommended for people who struggle with hair loss or seborrheic dermatitis.

Ideal for people whose:

  • Hair is weak, thin, falling out, and growing slowly. The applied ampoule strengthens and thickens it. It also supports the growth of new hair and revives dormant hair follicles.
  • The scalp is irritated and prone to dandruff. The introduced preparation soothes this condition and removes the hardened epidermis.
  • Hair quickly becomes greasy. The introduced substance, using oxygen infusion, normalizes the sebaceous gland’s function.

Final treatment

LED light therapy (2 series) – uses a revolutionary application of photo-modulating LED light properties. During the treatment, the skin is exposed to LED light with a precisely defined wavelength, which affects the metabolism and biochemical processes of cells, allowing for the treatment of excessive hair loss (by improving microcirculation), dandruff, and inflammatory conditions. It causes the expansion of blood vessels, improves microcirculation, stimulates collagen synthesis, and facilitates the exchange of nutrients.

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Koloryzacja jednolita

Koloryzacja jednolita przeznaczona jest dla osób, które chcą mieć na całych włosach kolor w jednym odcieniu, zazwyczaj zbliżonym do naturalnego. Pozwala ukryć tzw. odrost oraz siwe włosy, a także pogłębić odcień na długościach.

Trzeba jednak pamiętać, że w przypadku znacznych zmian koloru włosów może być konieczny zabieg wcześniejszej dekoloryzacji lub repigmentacji (gdy zmieniamy kolor na ciemniejszy).

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